• Design audit
• logotype redesign
• presentation
In cooperation with the BeBrand company, I participated in a tender for the development of a new identity for the Ural State Medical University. This is an institution of higher education with a rich history. Top 10 best medical universities in the country.

I analyzed the current design of USMU and gave examples of successful rebranding of large Russian universities with comments from the leadership of educational institutions.
At the moment, the university has 2 fundamental problems with communication:
1. Outdated university identity
2. Lack of a common identity system

The corporate identity does not correspond to the spirit of the time and is not relevant for the modern generation. At the moment, the university does not have a logo and a well-developed corporate identity, only a coat of arms. The lack of a recognizable style is a problem for many Russian educational institutions. Many of them settled on the traditional coat of arms.
Flaws of the old logo:
  1. Outdated logomark graphics.
  2. Lots of unnecessary items.
  3. There is no visual hierarchy.
  4. Lots of small text.
When creating the logo, I used details from the current coat of arms of the university and supplemented it with new symbols. Such a logo retains continuity, but at the same time scales well on any media.

A version of the logo with the full name is recommended to be used for external communication (for example, with applicants). In internal communication, it is better to use the abbreviated version of the logo, as it is more compact.