• Design-audit of the current identity of the company
• Find analogues of a successful thematic redesign
• Make a logo redesign
Completed tasks
Analytics • logotype redesign • presentation
In cooperation with the BeBrand company, I participated in a tender for the development of a new identity for the Russian State Circus. It was necessary to create a new image of the company that would retain the existing audience and attract a new one. Create a brand platform with the formulation of the company's mission, its values, positioning, uniqueness.
I analyzed the current corporate identity of the company and gave examples of successful redesigns of the world's major circuses, theaters and museums.
«Rosgortsirk» is a large brand with a long history and a multi-level infrastructure with many branches throughout the country. Such a complex structure requires a logo that takes into account the entire range of the company's specializations. It is also worth considering the need to use the logo and graphics on different media.

These factors reveal special requirements for a new logo and corporate identity in general:
• Compliance and adaptability of the logo to different sectors of the company's specializations
• Graphics scalability to different media, including on the Internet
• Universality of the graphic image relevant to modern design trends
• Emphasis on the historical heritage of Russian circuses
Flaws of the old logo:
  1. Outdated logomark graphics.
  2. Lots of unnecessary items.
  3. Naming scares off a young audience.
This option retains the continuity of the old logo. Simple and understandable shapes of the graphic symbol allow you to scale the logo to any size. The new font looks modern, but at the same time it has a spirit of history.

The spelling "Circus of Russia" is clear and relevant. The name retains belonging to the state structure, but the very combination of words sounds friendly.