Update the corporate identity of the local real estate agency
Completed tasks
Logotype redesign • polygraphy • guidline
Flaws of the old logo:
  1. The abundance of decorative elements interfere with reading the logo.
  2. Overloaded graphics. Lack of image integrity.
  3. Strange decorative font with graphical defects.
  4. Inconsistency between the form of the font and the image.
The client asked to keep the recognizable look of the logo, as well as to keep the gradient in the logomark.

All lines are now the same width and organically fit into the circle of the sign. The number of lines and angles has been reduced. The corners are 45 or 90 degrees. The sign has become lighter and clearer.

The symbol of the house became larger and came to the fore, a logical hierarchy of images appeared. The font is selected in accordance with the graphics and has become readable. Now the logo can be easily scaled.
As part of the project, layouts for printing, souvenirs and social networks were developed. A corporate font was selected and an illustration was developed in the same style as the logo. Along with the layouts, the client was given a guide to using corporate identity.