Update the corporate identity of the local tourist agency
Completed tasks
Analytics • logotype redesign • polygraphy • merchandise
Flaws of the old logo:
  1. Обилие декоративных элементов мешают считыванию логотипа.
  2. Excessively bold writing with small internal gaps in the letters.
  3. Bad Cyrillic font in the descriptor.
  4. Outdated logotype graphics.
The client asked to keep the recognizable appearance of the logo, to keep the dynamics of the type.

The slope of the signs and the dynamics in the image have been preserved. At the same time, the main font and descriptor began to look cleaner and more accurate.

As part of the project, layouts for printing, souvenirs, outdoor advertising and social networks were developed. A corporate font, color palette was selected. Along with the layouts, the client was given a guide to using corporate identity. A detailed guide was developed for creating a corporate collage and applying a gradient fill.