• Logotype redesign
• illustration
• poster
Promotion of local hookah-shop
Flaws of the old logo:
  1. It looks faceless and stereotyped, as if taken from the stock.
  2. Lots of extra items. Pointless decoration.
  3. The descriptor is small and unreadable.
The new logo is made in lettering format.
Soft monospaced lines create a solid association with the hookah and keep the logo readable. The font of the descriptor is consistent with the main style.
As part of the promotion of the store, a poster was invented, which is given as a gift when buying tobacco. For the poster, I drew a colorful illustration. At the bottom of the poster of tobacco products, popular manufacturers are placed for stickers. It is understood that the buyer will stick a sticker on the tastes that he has already tried. The sticker itself is made in the form of a thumb, so you can choose whether you like tobacco or not. To do this, stick the sticker on the desired surface (finger up or down).