Cans concepts
• label design
• illustrations
• packaging
In this project, I put together my can design concepts for four different beverages.

I was just experimenting with the visuals of the packaging and wanted to share the result.
A slavic drink made of lingonberries, red currants and honey. For the design of the can I used a traditional motif of Russian porcelain painting - "Gzhel".
It is a traditional Korean drink that contains boiled rice grains and pine nuts. I drew a chipmunk with soft colours and liquid shapes. And with a stalk of rice in its paws.
A unique drink of Native American tribes from the Amazon. It has a strong psychoactive effect. I tried to convey this peculiarity in the design of the can using bright contrasting colors and distorted images of the jungle.
Hibiscus herbal tea from Egypt. It has a rich red color and a deep sour taste. I used an image of a boat and handwritten pattern with a touch of oriental design.